I have been in the Computer repair business for 10 years now and have many businesses and customers to show that I am trustworthy and can fix anything or you don't pay. I dont charge for questions so if you have one don't be afraid to ask.

Young PC Repair will work on your Computers on-site for a fee of $35.00/hr. Check prices of other repair companies and you will see I have the best prices. If your computer isn't fixed then you don't pay until it is.

I also take drop-off service for a fee of only $25.00/hr. I guarantee quick and proper service to correct your problem and answer your questions during the process. I can also build you a custom desktop or laptop to fit any need and any budget. 

PC Repair

Standard Virus removal is $25.00 (assuming there is no excessive damage to the computer)
Full System Cleanup is only $40.00 and will make your system run faster.
All services include a Free Diagnosis


Wireless Router Setup is $25.00
Network Cable Run - cable is now 25 cents per foot including connections on end and/or boxes mounted on wall. 

Web Hosting
 is available and is priced according to the requested use and traffic demands. Sites can be set up to be billed on a monthly basis. 

If you have question feel free to call me at 402-469-2923 any time of day, I have many references to show I am a trusted technician and can show proof upon request.